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Our Story

Braintree started in Sydney, Australia in 1995, we began wholesaling, designing, importing, manufacturing and retailing clothing made from hemp, bamboo, soy, organic cotton and rayon, under the Braintree Hemp brand.

Our Process

Braintree manufacturing facilities have enabled us to design apparel in a huge variety of fabrics including; pure hemp, organic cotton, hemp cotton, hemp rayon, bamboo cotton, soy cotton and more.

Hemp & Bamboo Clothing

Braintree is proud to be a supplier of hemp, eco, bamboo and organic clothing in Australia. We take pride in the fact that all our apparel is made to be eco-friendly by utilising renewable and biodegradable materials in production. While Hemp remains one of the most popular options we also stock a vast range of bamboo clothing to choose from too. with so many eco-friendly clothing options we're on track to being the number 1 supplier in Australia!

We believe that each person needs to do their bit to help protect the planet we all live on and that to do so requires not a large change but rather a series of small changes. Getting Australians to buy hemp clothing or other eco friendly clothing as their preferred choice of apparel would be a dream come true for us and we firmly believe that in the past one of the biggest barriers to achieving this goal has been the reduced number of styles and designs available.

At Braintree we’re proud to bring a range of styles and designs that are updated seasonally. You’ll find hemp, eco, organic bamboo clothing for men, women and children and we also stock a range of accessories to help you complete your look.

No longer will there be a hard choice to be made. Hemp clothing is stylish, safe and renewable. Make the green choice and take your small step to a better world today.